Bigger Better Bottle Bill (BBBB)

The Bigger Better Bottle Bill (BBBB) is a New York State effort to reduce waste created by water bottles by expanding the 1982 Bottle Bill. The NYS Assembly has passed the Bigger Better Bottle Bill many years in a row, but the bill must have Senate support to become a law.

Check out the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's Too Many Bottles - It's a Waste information sheet to learn more about water bottle waste and what you can do, such as drinking tap water from reusable plastic bottles.

Even though you can't vote, you can still urge your state senator to get behind the Bigger Better Bottle Bill. Talk to your parents and other adults and encourage them to contact their state senators about supporting this important piece of legislation. We're very proud that our legislators, Assemblywoman Galef and Senator Leibell, have lent their support to the BBBB.

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- Karina